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Cairns Kids Activities have a mission – we want to make moms and dads lives a whole lot easier and kid's lives a whole lot happier.
We all know that just because we as parents want to spend the day at the beach or surfing or walking around the local markets, doesn't mean that our kids want to do the same as us. They drag their heels behind and quite often we all end up having a miserable day.

As parents we need our own space and our own enjoyments and so do our kids. So being able to find activities that the entire family can do together or just activities for the kids - can make the whole day go a lot smoother. And the icing on the cake? If we can find these activities fast!

So the purpose of this site is to bring together businesses with moms and dads - businesses who provide fun or interesting activities for kids and their families to do.

Who should advertise on Cairns Kids Activities?

You should advertise with us if you are a business owner or manager whose services or activities are applicable to families with children 16 years and under. The priority for these activities is safety and fun - it can be family fun or fun for just the kids.

You need to be able to service not only the local community but also the many families that holiday here in Cairns and the surrounding areas. An added bonus for families is that if you require bookings to be made - that this can be done fast and at short notice.

School holidays and rainy days can cause kids to become bored, so if your business provides activities for varying numbers of children and at short notice - then parents want to know about you.

Why should you advertise on Cairns Kids Activities?

Advertising online is the way of the future - most people's first port of call when looking for information or services is now the computer - with an online search. If you are not making use of the internet and advertising online - at least with your own website - you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

When people search online they are usually looking for specific things - a service, product or activity - and when they find what they are looking for - they act - they call, email or visit the business. If you can't be found online - you may as well not even exist!

So why should you advertise your business with us?

•    Targeting - If your customer demographics include families with young children aged 16 years and under you can specifically target this group of clients. As explained above - parents search for activities that they can do as a family or just for the kids. This site is dedicated to family and kid’s activities.
•    Social media - We have a Cairns Kids Activities Facebook page with more than 2600 likes so far - the power of social media is a marketing tool that can provide a huge boost to your business.
•    Back links - We provide a hyperlink to your business - so with just one click moms and dads are on your business webpage.
•    Online visitors - We have over 18,000 unique visitors each month and more than 660 unique visitors per day to our web site.
•    Open 24/7 - Your business is open and advertising 365 days a year and 24 hours per day - there is no down time and no missed calls.
•    Reasonable Rates - Compared to many other advertising mediums our rates are very reasonable.
•    Increase your ROI - Internet advertising is a great way to increase your ROI.

So if you would like more information on advertising with Cairns Kids Activities please fill out our enquiry form or call us on 0437935911.