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Choosing Dinner Plates for Kids

Dinner plates are essential when it comes to mealtimes and you need to select tableware that is made with children in mind to minimize spills and injuries. There are different materials that are used for kids’ tableware so you need to evaluate their safety before purchasing them. Plastic tableware is very popular but there are some concerns when it comes to exposure to unsafe chemicals such as BPA, melamine, PVC etc. 

Melamine can leach into food and high levels of melamine in food can lead to many health concerns such as kidney failure. But you need to understand there is a high threshold for this. Using a plastic cup or plate a few times will not end up with your child in the hospital. It is prolonged exposure that you need to worry about. If you are using BPA products, they should not be microwaved or put in the dishwasher.

This is the same when it comes to melamine plates or any other type of plastic plate. PVC is not safe for use in tableware and it has detrimental effects on the environment as well. When using plastic tableware, you have to make sure that you don’t put hot food in them either. Some of the alternatives that you can consider to plastic are natural wood, silicones, ceramic, stainless steel and glass. These are eco-friendly materials as well.

There is tempered glass tableware that comes with silicone covers that increase slip resistance. But it is best to use this with older children as they will be less prone to throwing or dropping the plate. Check for food grade stainless steel plates that come with lids. This will help you cover the food and store it if the child doesn’t finish the food at mealtime. The benefit of using stainless steel plates is that they will not carry any stains or odors. They can be used in the dishwasher but you will not be able to microwave them.

Silicone is a popular material for kids’ plates. It can be an expensive material so some manufacturers tend to introduce fillers to reduce the retail price. You can check whether the plate has fillers or not by twisting it. If you see white showing through, it indicates the use of filler. If you do this to a plate made entirely of silicone, there will be no such color change. You can also find silicone bowls that are a great option to prevent spills. There are different colors you can find such as blues, greens, pinks and coral bowls.

In addition to plates, you can use silicone placemats or trays so that mealtime messes are easier to clean. Wooden plates can’t be used in the microwave or put into the dishwasher. But they are a great natural alternative. Some wooden plates are combined with silicone for more durability. You will be able to have a consistent range of tableware by sourcing all from one supplier. You can search online for suppliers that specialize in children’s tableware and have a reputation for safety and durability.

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