Choosing an Angus Commercial and Seedstock Enterprise

It is a significant decision to choose an Angus commercial and seedstock enterprise as a cattle producer or breeder. Angus cattle are known for their high market demand, superior meat quality and adaptability.

Think about

What your goals and objectives are before you start comparing different companies. You have to think about what your target market is, breeding goals, production system and resources for management when looking for black Angus calves for sale. Maybe you are focused on producing high quality meat for the commercial market or maybe you plan to breed superior seedstock for the purebred Anus market. Understanding your objectives clearly can simplify your decision making process. This way, you will be able to make a decision based on long term goals. The success of an Angus seedstock enterprise depends on their genetic selection. You have to assess their breeding programme and consider the genetics that are offered by different companies. Think about what traits are relevant to the requirements of your market and suit your breeding objectives. Some of the traits you can focus on are quality of carcass, fertility, maternal ability, growth performance and disease resistance. You also have to consider genomic testing, breed benchmarks and estimated breeding values in assessing the genetic value of the animals.

The health

Profitability and productivity of the breeding herd will be affected by the management practices of the company. You can ask them to explain their management protocols that are related to health, nutrition, reproduction and environmental stewardship so that you can assess the impact of these factors. You need to check whether the enterprise puts specialised focus into the welfare of the animals and use management practices that are evidence based. They should also adhere to the industry best practices for biosecurity and health for the herd. Some of the factors you have to consider in this regard are management of nutrition, reproduction technologies, vaccination programmes and initiatives taken to ensure environmental sustainability. Another important factor is the reputation of the Angus seedstock enterprise. You can research their performance history and reputation to get an idea of customer satisfaction and their success when it comes to breeding high quality cattle. Check whether they have received industry recognition for their efforts.

You can also ask for recommendations from industry experts and other producers

There are also sales and events that will be hosted by different seedstock enterprises and you can visit these to get a better understanding of what they are committed to. You can review their performance data and check for testimonials from customers that are satisfied with the company. If the enterprise has a proven track record of success, you have some assurance on being able to enjoy consistent results from them. The Angus seedstock enterprise will also use marketing and sales strategies in order to promote their cattle and you can assess their marketing approach and sales channels to get an idea of their market presence. Check whether they offer comprehensive support services so that it contributes to the success of your operation.

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