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How to Select an Early Learning Environment for Your Child

There are a few things you need to research when choosing an early learning environment for your child. There are many childcare centres available but not everyone will focus on all aspects of development in your child. You need to think about what your child will be comfortable with.

You need to choose a childcare centre that has the proper accreditation and licensing.

This ensures that they have certain standards for hiring staff members, curriculum, hygiene and safety. There are reputable organisations that provide accreditation for childcare centres. Some will be licensed by the government or the state. You can check the curriculum of centres for childcare Moorooka by searching the official website. You should have a good idea of what your child is learning and how they are learning them. There are many centres that focus on play based learning and there are also centres that focus more on development of social and emotional health or academic skills. As a parent, you have a better understanding of what your child likes and therefore will be able to choose what best fits their learning method.

No matter what the curriculum is,

You need to make sure that your child is taught by teachers and instructors that are qualified and trained to do so. You can check with the childcare centre whether these instructors carry certification for teaching those in your child’s age range. You can also ask what their experience has been. The staff should have a good understanding about child development and be able to communicate clearly with both parents and children. You can as the childcare centre about how you will be informed about your child’s progress. Check if there is a sufficient number of instructors at the childcare centre so that your child gets sufficient attention. You can ask the childcare centre about teacher to student ratio to get an idea of this.

Children should be able to learn in a safe and clean environment.

When you visit the centre, you can check how they protect children from hazards such sharp corners, entrances and exists. Ask how much involvement from parents the centre encourages. There are childcare centres that have family events, workshops and parent teacher conferences where you get to be more involved in what your child is doing. There will also be volunteer opportunities. Consider a childcare centre that is located conveniently; you will be able to pick up and drop off your child easily and on time if you find a centre close to your home or workplace. You should also check the hours of the centre to see whether it fits your family’s schedule. Consider your child’s personality and temperament in choosing the right early learning centre; some children prefer large group settings while others will prefer smaller settings. Some children thrive with a lot of activity and stimulation and others will prefer a quieter environment where they get one-on-one attention from the instructors.

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