Process of Creating a Customised Invisalign Treatment Plan

Invisalign has been a revolutionising concept in the world of orthodontic treatment. If you are interested in trying out Invisalign, you can visit your local orthodontist to find out if this is the right method for you. And as each individual has their own requirements and goals, the orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan.

First, you will need to have an initial consultation with a qualified provider for Invisalign Melbourne. This will generally be a dentist or orthodontist. You can list out some of your concerns so that you can have them clarified at the consultation. Make sure to think about your goals for the treatment along with any expectations you have so that you are able to communicate this clearly to the orthodontist.

Once they understand your goals, they will examine your bite and teeth for any orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, misalignments, gaps etc. Traditionally, orthodontic treatments require taking a physical impression of your teeth but this step is not essential as digital impressions of your teeth can be taken. There are 3D scanning services where a 3D digital model of your teeth can be created which improves accuracy and gives the orthodontist a better understanding of your orthodontic issues and current condition.

The digital model of your teeth is critical in the creation of a personalized treatment plan

Here, your orthodontic concerns will be taken into consideration and the orthodontist will check how each tooth can be slowly moved into the optimal position. The duration of Invisalign treatment can vary according to the individual. The orthodontist will discuss the estimated duration of treatment considering your requirements and concerns. They will highlight the milestones that you will need to reach and ensure you have a good understanding of what to expect. This gives you a realistic understanding of how long you need to wear the aligners in order to achieve the results you are looking for.

There will be a virtual treatment preview

Where you can understand how your teeth will move during the process. You will be able to understand this through a 3D visualisation. This gives you an opportunity to see how the expected result will look like even before you start wearing the aligners. This can motivate you to adhere to the instructions given by the orthodontist. After the approval of your treatment plan, there will be aligners custom made for you so that they fit your teeth comfortably. There will be a series of aligners provided to you over a specific duration.

Generally, each aligner will need to be worn for about two weeks before you can progress to the next. While Invisalign is popular for its convenience where you can remove it when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing your teeth, it is important that you wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day. Not sticking to this timeline can affect the length and success of your treatment plan. You will need to have regular check-ups with the orthodontist during the treatment so they can monitor your progress.

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