Storage Solutions to Organise Shoes

It can be a challenge to keep all the shoes in your home organised especially with a large household. But you can take advantage of many innovative storage solutions to keep them organised without much effort.

Eco-friendly shoe organisers have gained popularity and one such option is bamboo shoe racks. They are eco-friendly because bamboo is a sustainable material that can grow very quickly. So choosing bamboo over other materials can reduce your environmental footprint. This is also a durable material and is aesthetically pleasing given its warm appearance. Bamboo has a very versatile appearance so it can be used in different interior styles. This is also quite strong and can last for a long time.

You can choose a bamboo shoe rack that comes with multiple tiers so that there is sufficient space to store all your shoes. You can also have several shoe racks around the house such as one in the lobby and smaller racks in each bedroom so that personal shoes can be organised. Having shoes in an open rack will allow for good ventilation so that odours can be prevented. This is also a great way to prevent mould growth inside shoes.

There are drawer storage cabinets in different styles

Colours and materials that offer a great way to store shoes without having them clearly visible. Because you are able to have the shoe collection out of sight, it will minimise visual clutter so that a clean look can be achieved. You will not be able to see the shoes as the face of the drawer will cover it but there are units where the drawer face is translucent so that you have a slight idea of the shoes that are inside.

This way, you will not need to open each and every drawer to find your shoe especially if you have a large household. You can have the drawer storage cabinets in the entryway and bedrooms. Having vertical storage will optimise space utilisation and the benefit of covering the shoes is that there is a level of protection against dust.

There are also fabric shoe organisers

That can be hung; there are models that can be hung inside a closet or behind a door if you don’t have a lot of floor space. You can even utilise the space above doorways. For example, there can be wall mounted shelves above the doorways in the bedroom or in a closet where you can store shoes. You can also consider customisable shoe organisers.

If you have only a small footprint, you can install drawers underneath the beds that can be pulled out so that you can store shoes inside. When choosing a storage solution, it is very important to consider the space available. Aesthetic preferences should be considered especially if you have racks in the open in public areas of the house. You can choose options that match the décor of the home. The size and capacity of the storage will depend on your needs.

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