The Importance of Tyre Maintenance for Vehicle Owners

There are many maintenance tasks that you will need to carry out for your vehicle and one critical aspect is tyre maintenance. These are the only parts in your vehicle that are in physical contact with the road so you need to ensure their performance.

It is important to prioritise tyres for the safety of your vehicle

If tyres are in poor condition, this can lead to loss of control, blowouts, accidents etc. If your tyres are worn out or damaged, you can look into getting new tyres Perth. When checking your vehicle tyres, you need to inspect the tread depth as you need to have adequate depth when it comes to maintaining traction. Maintaining traction is especially important when it comes to wet or icy conditions. When the treads are worn out, there is a higher risk of skidding and hydroplaning. You have to check the tyre tread depth using a tread depth gauge. The tyres should be inflated properly as well. If they are over or under inflated, vehicle handling and braking performance will be affected. There is a higher risk of under inflated tyres blowing out or overheating. With over inflated tyres, you will experience uneven wear and decreased traction. You have to check tyres pressure at least once a month. And if you are planning on going for a long trip, it is best to check this before.

Proper wheel alignment

Can ensure that the vehicle is driving straight without pulling to one side. But if your vehicle is not aligned properly, this is a reason for uneven wear on tyres and poor vehicle handling. Wheel balancing is another task to carry out so that tyre weight is distributed evenly. This can also reduce tyre wear and reduce vibrations. There are economic benefits of maintaining proper tyre pressure, alignment and balance. Being diligent in these tasks means that your tyre life is extended so that you don’t need to frequently replace them. It can help you save money in the long run. With properly inflated tyres, rolling resistance is reduced so that your vehicle doesn’t have to work hard to move. This will improve fuel efficiency of your vehicle so that you can save more money on fuel.

When tyre maintenance is neglected

It can lead to uneven wear which can affect other parts of your vehicle as well. For example, it can affect the suspension system. It is environmentally friendly to maintain your tyres as well. This is because fewer tyres will end up in landfills as tyre life span is extended. Tyres are not biodegradable and there are many environmental issues that come up as a result of improper disposal. You can reduce waste by ensuring proper maintenance. Also, as fuel efficiency is improved with properly inflated tyres, this will lead to the emission of fewer greenhouse gases. You will experience better grip and handling of your vehicle with properly maintained tyres. This is all the more important when it comes to emergency situations.

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