Understanding How Stubby Holders Work

The term stubby holder originated in Australia and this is a commonly used item in the country. When it is sunny outside and you want to enjoy a nice cool drink, a stubby holder will prevent the drink from getting warm too soon. So it is a great complement for many pool parties, family gatherings etc.

The stubby holder is also called a Koozie. This is a sleeve that is made of fabric, foam or neoprene that insulates the bottle or can so that the beverage inside is kept cool. Neoprene is preferred for long neck stubby holders Australia because it is resistant to UV and it can keep a drink cooler for a long time. Thermal insulation is the main principle that a stubby works.   Originally, polystyrene was used to make the stubby holders but this foam didn’t function very well.

You can also see some stubby holders made of polyester, leather, vinyl and foam. But neoprene is commonly used nowadays which is the same material that wetsuits are made of. This material can be printed with any design and it is very popular as a promotional item. There are many companies that include their company logo printed on the stubby holders when it comes to branding campaigns.

If you are wondering about the reliability of a stubby holder in keeping a drink warm, you have to consider the science behind it. And as mentioned above, insulation is the main principle used in the manufacturing of a stubby holder. Neoprene is a thermal insulator and it will prevent the heat transfer from the hot air outside to the drink that is inside the bottle. There will also be foam that is around the bottle in some cases.

While this will not stop heat transfer indefinitely, there will be a delay in the drink getting warm. You can find many stores that will customise a stubby holder for you. They can be personalised very easily once you provide a design. And it is quite an affordable process as well. A customised stubby holder can be a thoughtful and unique gift.

When considering purchasing a personalised stubby holder, you have to look at the previous designs that are made by the company. Check out their website to see what services they offer and see whether they have a social media page where you can check how well they are received by people. Generally, stubby holders are used for keeping beer cans and wine bottles cool in the summer months. The stubby holder will prevent condensation from forming outside of the container.

The process of creating condensation generates a lot of heat. So whenever you see condensation, it is an indication that your drink is warming rapidly. There is latent heat released when water condenses on the outside of the bottle. And this will increase the relative humidity around it. This temperature rise that is caused by latent heating will warm the drink much more quickly than hot air outside of the can.

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