Ways to Keep Pet Birds from Getting Bored

Birds are highly intelligent animals. They are also sensitive with their surroundings and could easily connect with the emotions around them. Because of this, they need a lot of engagement to keep their mind busy and preoccupied so they don’t get bored.

If you’re a busy person, it might be hard to keep your pet bird busy especially when you’re mostly out of the house. Birds get bored easily especially when they don’t have much to do or if their routine stays the same for a long time. It needs a lot of effort from the pet owner to prevent this from happening.

To help you out, here are some ways to keep your pet bird busy and prevent boredom.

Hold Your Pet Bird Regularly

Pet birds enjoy physical contact with their owners. In fact, birds that are held more frequently are happier than those that aren’t much handled. Spend some time every day to hold and handle your pet bird. It helps strengthen and maintain the bond you have with your friend. Aside from that, you get more familiar with your pet’s body making it easier to discover if there are something different than the usual.

Provide Different Toys

Birds get bored when they play with the same old toys all the time. Although you might think to provide your bird with plenty of toys to choose from during their free time, it is not that easy sometimes. Most bird toys are even expensive and you’ll need to really spend a lot if you’re planning to purchase many toys.

Rotating toys is one of the best ways to do this. If you only have few toys for your bird, simply offer them a few pieces at a time and swap it with the others after a few days or weeks. That way, you bird gets to play with a different toy every now and then. Shop for quality bird toy supplies to be sure that your investment is worth it.

Provide Different Food Options

Another way to prevent boredom in your birds is to provide a variety of food options when feeding. Naturally, in the wild, they have plenty of choice when it comes to food – from berries, nuts, seeds, and many more. It’s pretty common for them to get bored eating the same seeds and pellets in captivity. Provide a variety of food for your bird to make them happier and healthy as well.

Teach Your Bird Some Tricks

Teaching tricks and having a reward system for your bird actually provides a lot of stimulation to your pet. It helps maintain mental sharpness plus fosters your connection with your pet. Teach you bird some new tricks every now and then to maintain mental sharpness. You could even use it to show off how smart your pet is.

Keeping your pet bird happy and preoccupied is not really that hard. Incorporate these tips into your bird’s daily routine and you can be sure that your bird will be happier than ever.

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