What to Expect with a Couples Massage?

A couples massage can be a great activity you can enjoy together. There are different types of spa treatments available so you can check what both of you like. This will also give you some one on one time together away from the stresses of your normal routine.

In a couples massage, you and your partner will receive the massage at the same time

You and your partner will be on separate tables placed side by side and there will be two massage therapists working with you. You can search for couple massage near me to get an idea of which facilities you can select for this. There will generally be a private room for the massage. You can choose a service that offers a wide range of facilities so that it is more convenient for you and your partner. Some of the facilities you can look for are hot tubs, showers, lounge areas etc. You can also check whether there are complimentary drinks and snacks. Some spas tend to offer champagne for special occasions so that you can have a great time relaxing with your significant other. This will help create a memorable experience.

You can contact the massage therapist

Or the spa beforehand to get an idea of what the session entails. Go through the official website of the spa to check what services and spa treatments they offer. You can also call them up and let them know what you are looking for in your session and get any questions clarified. Many people can be reluctant to have a massage so you can actually open up a new experience for your partner. They can also learn the benefits of a relaxing massage and the great thing is they don’t need to go through it on their own.

You will need to book the massage beforehand and choose whether there are specific treatments you need. This is a relaxing experience for both you and your partner. Sometimes the massage can start with a foot spa where you can soak your feet in warm water that is infused with essential oils. Your feet will be gently scrubbed or exfoliated and this will help prepare you for the next stages of the treatment.

Some facilities offer a private spa bath where you and your partner can soak in a large tub

There will be aromatherapy provided by the aromatic oils chosen for the bath and you can also request some rose petals for romantic flair. A warm and aromatic bath can help relax your body and put your mind at ease. It will set the tone for the spa treatment. There are also body scrub treatments where your body will be exfoliated gently. Your skin will feel fresh and smooth. You can also experience a facial treatment where your face will be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised. You need to let the spa know beforehand if you have any allergies or irritations to certain products.

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